Titanium Cathode
Titanium Cathode
Titanium Cathode
Titanium Cathode
Titanium Cathode
Titanium Cathode

Item specifics

Ti clad Cu busbar:40*19*1350mm
Titanium plate:1165*960*3.4mm



Titanium cathode copper cathode production of new technology application in titanium cathode copper electrolysis production is of great significance to improve the quality of electrolytic copper level, production of high purity Yin grade copper, provides a very favorable conditions:
1. The titanium cathode with good chemical stability.Among various kinds of acid and alkali medium, has good corrosion resistance, in copper electrolyte, corrosion rate is only 0.011 mm/year.
2. Titanium cathode surface formation of continuous, dense, homogeneous oxidation film, easy to make copper strip, therefore, don't need to use soap as the start of the production release agent.
Because of the difference of thermal expansion coefficient (3) titanium, copper and copper, titanium plate manufacturing titanium plate easy separation, can by hand.
4. Titanium titanium cathode of the proportion of small, light weight, weight is only half of the copper, greatly reduces the labor intensity, improve production efficiency.
5. Can be used in high current density, improve the utilization efficiency of electrolyzer, expanding production capacity.
My company production of titanium cathode performance is good, service life is long, won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise, and become the world's top 500 companies titanium cathode supplier, maintained friendly relations of cooperation.