Titanium base lead dioxide Anode;Ti-PO Anode;Lead dioxide titanium anode

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Update Time 2018-10-26
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Ti Mesh: Gr1,Gr2Lead Anode
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At present, wet metallurgy industry of insoluble anode lead anode, mostly are lead anode in use mainly exist the following problems:
A serious pollution.Due to the consumption of the lead anode itself the lead pollution of electrolyte and cathode products.
2. In the process of using the large deformation caused by pole spacing spread the cathode products with poor plate is difficult to control and prone to short circuit.
3., short service life of lead anode average service life within 12 months or so, also not economic sense.
Ti-PO Anode  by field use can solve the above problems.
Ti-PO is a new type of anode which has a complex process manufacturing.Firstly,  weld the metallic conduction rod to Ti Mesh;secondly, expose the newly-welded stencil to surface treatment;finally, solidify salts of platinum metals and lead dioxide on the surface of the stencil. 
The solution requirements of Ti-PO Anode:
1.The content of chloride ion in the solution is not more than 1000mmp.
2. No manganese ion contains in the solution.
3.No fluorion exists in the solution.
4.It remains undefined whether there are some other requirements. The advice is that it be
necessary to have a test before batch usage for  the final confirmation.