Titanium clad Copper processing formed parts

Group Electroplating and Copper recovery industry
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2018-01-04
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Titanium clad Copper busbar
Ti:Gr2      Cu:C11000
Size:82.4mm(wideth)*12.4mm(thickness)*drawing (Ti thickness:1.5mm)

TitaniumCopper Composite Bar Production Process

  Our company production of Titanium Copper Composite Barimplement national standards GB/T12769-2003, production technology extrusion andhot rolling technology process.

Extrusion process: put the base material copper bar and thecomposite material titanium tube set togetherafter extrusionprocess, make the copper bar and the titanium tube preliminary compositetogetherformation of titanium copper billet material.

 Hot rolling process technology: put the titanium copper billet materialinto the hole pattern rolling mill, hot rolled into required size, make thetitanium and copper reach the certain composite strength. Then straightening, surfacetreatment processes such as, eventually become a finished product.

 Detection means for titanium copper composite bar: Ultrasonic flawdetection, inspection titanium copper composite bar joint.

Penetration testing, inspection titaniumcopper composite bar

welding conditions.