Titanium material using application areas
Titanium material using application areas
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Titanium Seamless Tube

Titanium material using application areas

Seamless titanium tubes are widely used

Seamless titanium tubes are widely usedTitanium tube has the advantages of light weight, high strength and superior mechanical properties.Widely used in heat exchange equipment, such as tube heat exchanger, coil heat exchanger, serpent tube heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator and pipeline, etc.Titanium tube according to the use of requirements and performance of the different implementation of two national standards: GB/T3624-1995GB/T3625-1995.TA0, TA1, TA2, TA9, TA10BT1-00, BT1-0 GR1, GR2Diameter Φ4 ~114mm wall thickness Δ0.2 ~4.5mm length within 15mSeamless titanium tubes are made of extrusion process, and welded titanium tubes are welded after sheet crimp.Generally seamless titanium tube wall thickness is relatively small, the caliber is also relatively small.1. Seamless Titanium Tube.High strength.Titanium alloy has very high strength, its tensile strength is 686-1176MPa, and the density is only about 60% of steel, so the specific strength is very high.2. Seamless titanium tube has high hardness.The hardness HRC of titanium alloy (annealed state) is 32 -- 38.3. Low elastic modulus of seamless titanium tube.The elastic modulus of titanium alloy (annealed state) is 1.078×10-1.176×10MPa, about half of that of steel and stainless steel.Standard: ASTM B337, ASTM B338, ASTM B338 B861Seamless titanium tube:Diameter: O.D6-108mmWall thickness: 0.5 8 mmLength: 15000mm maximum4. Excellent high and low temperature performance.Seamless titanium tube at high temperature, titanium alloy can still maintain good mechanical properties, its heat resistance is much higher than that of aluminum alloy, and the working temperature range is wide, the new type of heat resistant titanium alloy working temperature can reach 550-600 ℃;At low temperature, the strength of titanium alloy is increased than at room temperature, and has good toughness, low temperature titanium alloy at -253℃ can also maintain good toughness.5. Seamless titanium tubes have strong corrosion resistance.Titanium in the air below 550℃, the surface will quickly form a thin and dense titanium oxide film, so in the atmosphere, sea water, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and other oxidizing media and strong alkali, its corrosion resistance is better than most stainless steel.

Is the future development potential of titanium and titanium alloy high-end products greater?

There are more than 160 titanium alloy manufacturers in China. There are few enterprises with good independent research and development ability, high product technical content and excellent brand characteristics. Most of them are concentrated in the middle and low-end fields, especially the low-end market with excess capacity and fierce competition.China's petrochemical, aerospace, electric power, Marine engineering and other industries continue to have strong demand for high-end titanium alloy products, and the market demand for titanium alloy is shifting from the low-end to high-end fields.However, the number of high-end titanium alloy production enterprises is small and the market supply is insufficient.At present, only 10% of China's titanium alloy products are applied in the high-end field, while 50% of the titanium alloy products in the United States are applied in the high-end field.With the development of large aircraft and continuous upgrading of military aircraft, the demand for titanium alloy in aviation industry will continue to increase.From the perspective of the import unit price of China's titanium alloy products in 2018, the import unit price is much higher than the export unit price, indicating that China's high-end titanium alloy products are in short supply and the market relies on imports.The industry needs to continuously improve the ability of r&d and innovation, improve product performance, develop new functional products and accelerate the pace of import substitution in the high-end titanium alloy market.In 2017, China's titanium production was about 33 million tons, and in 2018 the industry's output declined.Under the influence of weak market demand, high port inventory and unoptimistic economic situation, the operating rate of large enterprises in China's titanium alloy industry was better in 2018, while small enterprises were cautious in resuming production, and the overall output of the industry declined.With the increase of market demand for high-end titanium alloys in China, large enterprises with higher technical level have greater development potential in the future.According to industry analysts said the growing importance of the national policy for high-tech industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, Marine engineering, domestic transportation, military areas such as the growing demand for high-end materials, high-end titanium alloy production strategy is of great significance, titanium industry to adjust product structure, the shift to high-end fields become inevitable trend.Therefore, the titanium alloy industry will have increasingly high technical requirements for production enterprises. Only by constantly improving the core competitiveness of enterprises can they achieve further development. In the future, the technical barriers to enter the titanium alloy industry will continue to increase.According to the 2019-2023 titanium alloy industry market in-depth research and investment forecast analysis report, the global titanium alloy production capacity is mainly concentrated in China, the United States, Russia, Japan and other countries, in 2010, China surpassed the United States to become the world's largest producer of titanium alloy.American titanium alloy products are mainly high-end products, mainly used in the field of aviation, while Chinese titanium alloy products are mainly concentrated in the low-end field, with low technical content, mainly used in the field of industry.Compared with the United States, China's titanium alloy industry is large but not strong, the overall competitiveness is weak.

What's of Titanium alloy bearing components in China's military using of the latest achievements?

Gu eagle 2.0 first flight successfully using titanium alloy has significant improvementRecently, the domestic newest four major advanced generation stealth fighter - Gu eagle 2.0 first flight successfully.Of shenyang university of aeronautics and astronautics increase material manufacturing titanium alloy bearing components provided by the first flight in Gu eagle 2.0 play a major role, it also marks the city increase material manufacturing technology level as the domestic first-class, into the domestic first tier level.The bear of titanium alloy bearing components division is cade d digital key discipline laboratory of defense aviation manufacturing technology, is the northeast's first achieve increased material manufacturing unit installed applications.The lab controller introduces, bearing component is one of the important parts Gu eagle 2.0 aircraft body skeleton, the laboratory using 3 d printing technology manufacturing this kind of parts and components, more traditional manufacturing way than malleable cast + mechanical processing, can save a large casting equipment, reduced sufficiently mould, shorten the development cycle, reduce the manufacturing cost, large application prospect in the future.

Is China laser forming better than the United States?

Recent CCTV program "face-to-face" Sun Cong, chief designer of fighters to 15 for the interview, which revealed a lot of important information about the "flying shark" development.Including Sun Cong on CCTV, also specifically talked about "next generation aircraft must also be arranged".Fans of the military aircraft is more full of looking forward to the future of China.But we are looking forward to the second generation of domestic aircraft carrier aircraft at the same time, might as well for now the fighters - 15 have a more objective and comprehensive understanding.In the process of the development of China's aircraft carrier aircraft, annihilates - 15 is not only meet the initial carrier take-off and landing platform, more than a flash in the pan was replaced for latecomers "third generation fighter, but in the long process will play a main role.In November 2012, CCTV reported in the first aircraft carrier aircraft take-off and landing, so introduce annihilates - 15: successful landing in liaoning, annihilates 15 aircraft, is designed and developed by our country's first carrier multi-role fighter, with completely independent intellectual property rights, it has the combat radius, good maneuverability, payload capacity is much, etc;According to different operations, carry multiple type of anti-ship missiles, air-to-air missile, space and precision weapons such as precision-guided bombs have all waters, airspace strike capability.Annihilates - 15 each performance, but with Russian Sue - 33, the F/A - 18 world main naval fighters in active service, thus has been hailed as A ferocious strong air to fly "shark".Sun Cong on the CCTV program "face-to-face" fighters - 15 is defined as: annihilates - 15 are the first generation of our country is given priority to with the air of multi-role fighter, should belong to the third generation fighter, the difference is such a difference, it fairly is one of China's aviation starting late, but the high starting point, have advantage of backwardness.Is given priority to with the air of multi-role fighter, is a qualitative judgment of fighters to 15.Said in the commentary "face-to-face" program, annihilates - 15 is in production by China annihilates - 11 fighters, developed on the basis of assembling a canard, folding wings, tail is equipped with the aft hooks, aircraft characteristics, such as the gear high strength.As is known to all, annihilates - 11 is a kind of double heavy type "air superiority fighter, so on the basis of its research and development of fighters to 15, in the scramble for the air has certain advantages.Russia's Sue - 33 also reflected this feature, from the perspective on indicators, Sue - 33 except on in esteem than behind the wind M, and in other aspects of basic and F/A - 18 and gust M e flat, and Sue - 33 in esteem than than super hornet, therefore on air combat performance than F/A - 18 e.But widely to Sue - 33 air combat performance, because Sue - 33 in the first place is empty machine weight is too big.Sue - 33 empty machine weight is 18.4 tons, more than 18 e F/A - 13.4 tons, is greater than the "wind M" 9.7 tons.This means that Sue - 33 in the takeoff of payload and fuel carrying amount will be limited, this limits the Sue - 33 air combat performance.The second is the avionics equipment is relatively backward.Sue - 33 avionics basic behind the F / 18 e fighter planes 10 to 15 years.F/A - 18 e with rich American aviation electronic base, which has the better avionics and human-computer interface, so as to make up for with Sue - 33 pure flight performance gap.With us carrier battle group of early warning means, in actual combat "super hornet" pressurised Sue - 33 to instead.Now, therefore, to assess and Sue - 33 similar fighters - 15 performance in the air and also want to see if it can solve the two major issues.The first is to weight loss.Modern fighter to weight loss, outside notting have two ways.The first is design optimization, the second is to use the new material.The former Soviet union su - 27 fully reflects the design weight loss.The use of more than 60% of aluminum alloy aircraft, due to the widespread adoption of system layout integration, overall structure, structure reasonable layout integration, structure, partial design to reduce the structure weight.And Sun Cong in CCTV interviews also said: "weight loss job is quite complex. In the first place if you on the design of the load, the structure of the dexterity of the design, is the structure on the efficiency of on select material, and so on a series of reductions in the final weight."

How about the Biomedical materials(Medical Titanium Alloy) application fields?

             Biomedical materials is an important branch of material science, and is used in the diagnosis, treatment or replace the body's tissues and organs or improve its function, high technology content and high economic value of new carrier materials, is a in materials science and technology is developing a new field.Biomedical materials to explore the mysteries of human life, safeguard human health and longevity to make greater contribution.    Nearly 10 years, biomedical materials and products market growth rate remained at 20% to 20%, over the next 10 years to 15 years, including biomedical materials, medical equipment industry will achieve pharmaceutical products market scale, become the pillar industry of the world economy in the 21st century.    In biomedical metal materials, titanium and its alloy with excellent comprehensive performance, become artificial joints (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, knuckles, etc.), bone trauma products (nails, steel plates, screws, etc.) and orthopaedic spine internal fixation system, braces, tooth orthopaedic silk, dental implants, artificial heart valve, interventional cardiovascular stents and other medicinal plant products in the material of choice.Currently, there is no better than titanium metal materials used for clinical purposes.In developed countries and the world famous implant product suppliers are attaches great importance to the research and development of titanium alloy, launched a series of new medical titanium alloy material, including bionic bioactive titanium alloy material, surface treatment in the medical titanium alloy material has also done a lot of design and development of proprietary, giving medical titanium alloy material better biological activity to meet the body's physiological needs, so as to achieve the purpose of make the patients recover at an early date.    The world's population of nearly 6.5 billion, according to incomplete statistics, nearly 400 million, the disabled limb disabled people, 60 million dental patients with 2 billion, the biological material device implantation of only 35 million people, each year about 1.5 million cases, joint replacement quantity and the amount of actual need replacement is far.Therefore, biomedical materials have great potential market demand.And as first choice of biomedical metal materials, titanium and its alloys demand will also be increased, so it is imperative to strengthen medical titanium alloy material research and development

What are the advantages to use Titanium shell for the loptop?

Apple launched this titanium shell computer can challenge Japan's SONY corporation adopts magnesium alloy shell of computer, not only have beautiful appearance, but also has excellent performance.Titanium compared with magnesium, high tensile strength (44.4 GPa) titanium 106.3 GPa, magnesium, and low thermal conductivity, titanium for 17 w/m.K, only one over ten of the magnesium (159 w/m.K), so the titanium shell in the realization of thin wall and can maintain strength, inhibit heat from hardware such as diffusion, prevent the underside of fever.IBM Think Pad A series (such as A20p) and T series, such as T20 laptop casing are used titanium matrix composites, not only increase the strength of casing and seismic performance, and can make the computer thinner, lighter.HP tx and X16 X16-1201-1201 - tx series notebook computers use the titanium alloy shell.