Is China laser forming better than the United States?
Recent CCTV program "face-to-face" Sun Cong, chief designer of fighters to 15 for the interview, which revealed a lot of important information about the "flying shark" development.Including Sun Cong on CCTV, also specifically talked about "next generation aircraft must also be arranged".Fans of the military aircraft is more full of looking forward to the future of China.But we are looking forward to the second generation of domestic aircraft carrier aircraft at the same time, might as well for now the fighters - 15 have a more objective and comprehensive understanding.In the process of the development of China's aircraft carrier aircraft, annihilates - 15 is not only meet the initial carrier take-off and landing platform, more than a flash in the pan was replaced for latecomers "third generation fighter, but in the long process will play a main role.In November 2012, CCTV reported in the first aircraft carrier aircraft take-off and landing, so introduce annihilates - 15: successful landing in liaoning, annihilates 15 aircraft, is designed and developed by our country's first carrier multi-role fighter, with completely independent intellectual property rights, it has the combat radius, good maneuverability, payload capacity is much, etc;According to different operations, carry multiple type of anti-ship missiles, air-to-air missile, space and precision weapons such as precision-guided bombs have all waters, airspace strike capability.Annihilates - 15 each performance, but with Russian Sue - 33, the F/A - 18 world main naval fighters in active service, thus has been hailed as A ferocious strong air to fly "shark".Sun Cong on the CCTV program "face-to-face" fighters - 15 is defined as: annihilates - 15 are the first generation of our country is given priority to with the air of multi-role fighter, should belong to the third generation fighter, the difference is such a difference, it fairly is one of China's aviation starting late, but the high starting point, have advantage of backwardness.Is given priority to with the air of multi-role fighter, is a qualitative judgment of fighters to 15.Said in the commentary "face-to-face" program, annihilates - 15 is in production by China annihilates - 11 fighters, developed on the basis of assembling a canard, folding wings, tail is equipped with the aft hooks, aircraft characteristics, such as the gear high strength.As is known to all, annihilates - 11 is a kind of double heavy type "air superiority fighter, so on the basis of its research and development of fighters to 15, in the scramble for the air has certain advantages.Russia's Sue - 33 also reflected this feature, from the perspective on indicators, Sue - 33 except on in esteem than behind the wind M, and in other aspects of basic and F/A - 18 and gust M e flat, and Sue - 33 in esteem than than super hornet, therefore on air combat performance than F/A - 18 e.
But widely to Sue - 33 air combat performance, because Sue - 33 in the first place is empty machine weight is too big.Sue - 33 empty machine weight is 18.4 tons, more than 18 e F/A - 13.4 tons, is greater than the "wind M" 9.7 tons.This means that Sue - 33 in the takeoff of payload and fuel carrying amount will be limited, this limits the Sue - 33 air combat performance.The second is the avionics equipment is relatively backward.Sue - 33 avionics basic behind the F / 18 e fighter planes 10 to 15 years.F/A - 18 e with rich American aviation electronic base, which has the better avionics and human-computer interface, so as to make up for with Sue - 33 pure flight performance gap.With us carrier battle group of early warning means, in actual combat "super hornet" pressurised Sue - 33 to instead.Now, therefore, to assess and Sue - 33 similar fighters - 15 performance in the air and also want to see if it can solve the two major issues.The first is to weight loss.Modern fighter to weight loss, outside notting have two ways.The first is design optimization, the second is to use the new material.The former Soviet union su - 27 fully reflects the design weight loss.The use of more than 60% of aluminum alloy aircraft, due to the widespread adoption of system layout integration, overall structure, structure reasonable layout integration, structure, partial design to reduce the structure weight.And Sun Cong in CCTV interviews also said: "weight loss job is quite complex. In the first place if you on the design of the load, the structure of the dexterity of the design, is the structure on the efficiency of on select material, and so on a series of reductions in the final weight."

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