What are the advantages to use Titanium shell for the loptop?
Apple launched this titanium shell computer can challenge Japan's SONY corporation adopts magnesium alloy shell of computer, not only have beautiful appearance, but also has excellent performance.Titanium compared with magnesium, high tensile strength (44.4 GPa) titanium 106.3 GPa, magnesium, and low thermal conductivity, titanium for 17 w/m.K, only one over ten of the magnesium (159 w/m.K), so the titanium shell in the realization of thin wall and can maintain strength, inhibit heat from hardware such as diffusion, prevent the underside of fever.
IBM Think Pad A series (such as A20p) and T series, such as T20 laptop casing are used titanium matrix composites, not only increase the strength of casing and seismic performance, and can make the computer thinner, lighter.HP tx and X16 X16-1201-1201 - tx series notebook computers use the titanium alloy shell.

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