Warm congratulations on the smooth holding of the company's "2018 year-end commendation and 2019 Spring Festival reunion"!

Time: 2019-01-31

 January 29th 2019, we get together with company corpora, jointly held the company's 2018 annual work summary commendation congress, seriously sum up over the past year's achievements, find work the insufficiency, plan the work of the New Year, 2018 is a big year on the company's development milestone, is also a memorable year, pipe project construction as scheduled marks the development of the company will be toward the higher-end market, a wide area.The formation of the new industrial chain will promote the company's product diversification, advanced technology, scale expansion, and further enhance the company's demonstration status in the titanium industry.Review the past year, all the staff always can unite, in strict accordance with the company overall deployment and requirements, firm the confidence, overcome difficult, in the "upgrade" stable quality, cost reduction, nine word work policy guidance in order to carry out the work, the company annual production and operation of basically maintained a stable development momentum.At the same time in the past year, in the enterprise management, production line employees at the grass-roots level, in the company's safety and security, and environmental health aspects emerge a batch of advanced individual, the annual meeting of the company leadership to the commendation and reward for good colleagues, to thank them for one year in their own work contribution to the company.

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