Day trip to Maijishan grottoes

Time: 2018-07-31
Summary: Day trip to maijishan grottoes, cool climate, pleasant scenery, Baoji Special Steel Titanium friends are very happy!

    On July 28, 2018, the friends of baoji special steel titanium industry co., ltd. went to the maijishan grottoes in tianshui, gansu province with a relaxed and happy mood and started a one-day tour.To participate in the activities of a friend, a total of 48 people assemble at 7 o 'clock in the morning, in the company, the bus tour bus, after three hours' drive, arrived in tianshui, gansu province, in the qin state toured the fuxi temple, the first and then by a world's shortest highways reached the maijishan grottoes scenic area, the cool wind blow gently, lush green shade, deserves to be summer resort, along the way, all the laughter of the young and the blue sky white clouds set each other off becomes an interest, help each other, scaling new heights, show the Baoji Special Steel Titanium Industry family warm picture!

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