Baoji special steel titanium industry co., LTD. 2017 commendation and 2018 new spring fellowship will be held successfully.

Time: 2018-02-01
Summary: On January 31, 2017 in the afternoon, Baoji special steel titanium industry co., LTD for 2018 New Year sodality held successfully, the leaders and all staff together, learn from the past, planning and looking forward to the future, a long way, every member of a family of titanium steel mogul in xin-zhong li under the guidance of our general manager, only don't forget to beginner's mind, self-motivated, down-to-earth do a good job in every to usher in the company development in the future!


Titanium clad Copper    316L clad Copper    Titanium Cathode    316L permanent Cathode 

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