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Titanium Screws & Nuts
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Titanium Screws & Nuts

What is definition of screw specification?

Screw specification definition and understanding一. Thread typeA: triangular thread (60 degrees) : combining/lockB: work triangular thread (55 degrees) : combine/lockC: trapezoidal thread (30 or 29 degrees) : power transmissionD: square thread (90 degrees) : power transmission二. Common screw types:A: the Machine Screw, Machine ScrewB: Tapping Screw, self-tapping Screw (points used in metal and used in plastic two)B - 1: Sheet Metal Tapping Screw. (self-tapping self-drilling screws)B - 2: Plastic Tapping Screw. (for plastics, self Tapping Screw)C: Wooden Screw, wood ScrewD: Drywall Screw, concrete Screw三.Common screw material: A. ow Carbon Steel, low Carbon SteelB. SS - 304: Stainless Steel 304C. SS - 302: Stainless Steel 302: structure has good toughnessD. 5052: Aluminum alloy 5052E. Brass, BrassF. Bronze, BronzeG. UNS C11000 Copper, antimony, Copper四. Common screw specifications and sign:A: metric screwB: ul screwC: the imperial screwsA: Metric screw machinery: MetricEx: the M3 x 6 - P P B: mechanical screw M3, 6 mm long, cross, circle flat head, black plating.The Finish Code: processing appearance specificationsThe Head Code: the Head shapeThe Thread CodeScrew type Drive Code: cross cutting head, characteristic modelThe screw Length Code: Length (mm)A - 1: Thread Code: screw typeMetric screw marked with screw diameter screw type directly,Such as M3 or screw diameter of 3.00 mm.;The M4 screw outside diameter is 4.00 mm.Metric Thread Size x Pitch:Note: metric screw in screw type rear, can sometimes indicate the screw tooth pitch.Such as M3x0. 5, M4x0. 70, M5x0. 8, M6x1.But because the standard specification, usually.A - 2: Length Code: screw Length:Metric screws, marked screw length directly, the unit is mm.The total length of screw, only the head count of the following length, excluding the head height.But flat head screw, the screw of the total length including head height.A - 3: Drive Code/cross cutting head, characteristics.Commonly used specifications are as follows:A. Slotted: a word (Minus)B. Phillips: cross (Plus)C. Phil - Slot: a word/crossD. Hex Scoket: AllenE. One Way: One Way (can be locked into only, not for exit)A - 4: the Head Code/Head shape.Commonly used specifications are as follows:A. Flat, Flat head (flush after lock into the top and work pieces)B. Oval: saladC. Round, Round headD. Pan: round flat headE. Truss: great circle flat headF. Hex: Hex head.A - 5: Finish Code/processing appearance.Commonly used specifications are as follows:A. Z: Zine - Plated: galvanizedB. Ni, Ni - Plated, nickel PlatedC. Tin - Plated, Tin PlatedD. Zine Plated/Green Iridite: galvanized Green film processing.E. Radiant Plated: colorful platingF. Passivate: antioxidant treatment.G. Alodial Finish: no appearanceMetric self Tapping screw, Tapping affixed to its name directly behind the Type.Ex: the M3 x 6 - PPB, Tapping Type:The M3 tapping screw, 6 mm long, cross, circle flat head, black plating.General with don't or labeling products, then judge for Sheet Metal or plastic parts are used.B: ul screw.A. with mash commonly labeled as # 2-56, 4-40 #, # 6-32, # 32, # 8-10-24...Etc.B. or expressed in inch diameter,40-56 as 0.086, 0.086, 0.086-32, 0.164 to 0.190-24-32,...Etc.Ex: 632-8 - P P B:The Finish Code: processing appearance specificationsThe Head Code: the Head shapeDrive Code: cross cutting head, characteristics of the modelLength Code: screw LengthThe screw Thread Code: modelB - 1: Thread Code: screw typeCommonly used specifications are as follows:56 (a. # 2-0.086-56) : 56 teeth 2 timesB # 4-40 (0.112-40) : four times 40 teethC # 6-32 (0.138-32) : 6 32 teethD. # 8-32 (0.164-32) : 8 32 teethE. # 10-24 (0.190-24) : 10 times of 24 teethTooth number of teeth per inch * * *. * * *B - 2: Length Code: screw LengthUl screw length must be approved by conversion, is metric mm size.Conversion formula: (Length Code / 32) x 25.40 = metric mm LengthB - 3-4 B, B - 5: the way the same as the metric system.C: the imperial screws:C - 1: Thread Code:Labeling is the denominator of 8, and then directly according to the mash of molecules.Ex: 1/8 x 0.50 PPB: 1 tooth screw x 0.50 "long, PPBEx: 5/16 x 0.50 x 0.50 PPB PPB = 2.5/8:2 and a half tooth screw x 0.50 "long, PPBEx: 5/32 x 0.50 x 0.50 PPB PPB = 1.25/8:1 screw x 0.50 "in about two and a half mile long, PPBEx: 1/4 x 0.50 x 0.50 PPB PPB = 2/8:2 points tooth screw x 0.50 "long, PPBNote: sometimes labeled coarse thread or fine teeth.UNF) : fine thread: electronics industry is relatively commonly used.UNC: coarse thread: heavy mechanical structure is relatively commonly used.Ex: 3/8 x 0.50, UNF, PPB: 3 points fine thread screw x 0.50 "long, PPB.C - 2: Length of Code:For inch mark must be multiplied by 25.40 conversion for mm