What's of Titanium alloy bearing components in China's military using of the latest achievements?
Gu eagle 2.0 first flight successfully using titanium alloy has significant improvement
Recently, the domestic newest four major advanced generation stealth fighter - Gu eagle 2.0 first flight successfully.Of shenyang university of aeronautics and astronautics increase material manufacturing titanium alloy bearing components provided by the first flight in Gu eagle 2.0 play a major role, it also marks the city increase material manufacturing technology level as the domestic first-class, into the domestic first tier level.
The bear of titanium alloy bearing components division is cade d digital key discipline laboratory of defense aviation manufacturing technology, is the northeast's first achieve increased material manufacturing unit installed applications.The lab controller introduces, bearing component is one of the important parts Gu eagle 2.0 aircraft body skeleton, the laboratory using 3 d printing technology manufacturing this kind of parts and components, more traditional manufacturing way than malleable cast + mechanical processing, can save a large casting equipment, reduced sufficiently mould, shorten the development cycle, reduce the manufacturing cost, large application prospect in the future.

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