What are the considerations argon arc welding of stainless steel punching argon?
1, argon arc welding seam on the back should be ahead of plenum, traffic, appropriate air after discharge, flow decreases.During the welding process should be continuously to the tube filled with argon.Stop lagging gas welding, make the welds are fully protected.Another should pay special attention to the air after the net can be welded, or influence the protection of argon filling effect.
2, the argon gas flow should be appropriate.Traffic is too small, protection is not good, the back weld easy oxidation;Vortex flow is too large, when welding the lead into the air, protect the effect also can become bad, at the same time will cause defects such as weld root concave, affect the welding quality.
3, argon gas entrance should be placed in the closed period as far as possible, the air vent shall be placed in the closed period of highest position.Because of argon gas is heavier than air, from the low position filled with argon gas easy to guarantee a higher concentration, filled with argon protection effect is better.
4, in order to reduce the loss of tube from the end clearance of argon protection effect, increase the cost, welding can be sticky tape along the joint clearance, only leave a welder a length of continuous welding, welding and adhesive tape is uncovered.
Argon arc welding at argon protective effect can be judging from weld color, weld is silver or golden color protection effect is best, in times when the blue, with reddish grey again, it is gray, protect the poor, oxidation in black say serious, effect is the worst.

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