How is the performance of the rare and refractory metal Niobium?
Niobium is a steel gray luster of refractory metals, its melting point is 2467 ℃, density of 8.6 g/cm 3.Niobium has good low temperature plastic, can be processed into a variety of cold pressure semi-finished products.High temperature resistance, strength, above 1000 ℃ still has enough strength, plasticity and heat conductivity.At extremely low temperature superconductivity is best, such as about 260 ℃ below zero resistance is close to zero.Under 150 ℃ chemical resistance and atmospheric corrosion.For many acid and salt solution at room temperature are stable, but soluble in hydrofluoric acid and fluoride ions in acid solution and strong alkali solution.Prone to hydrogen embrittlement.Anodized generated when the stability of the oxide film.Niobium, tantalum symbiosis in nature mineral, mineral containing niobium, tantalum has: pyrochlore, niobium, tantalum yttrium iron ore, brown niobium and niobium containing rutile titanium iron, balas and sands containing niobium tantalum acid salt.Certain steelmaking slag and tin slag smelting and refining of niobium important resources.Division of niobium or tantalum ore, mainly based on what minerals containing niobium or tantalum

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