How about the non-ferrous metal alloy and classification?
Non-ferrous metal alloy and classification
What is a non-ferrous metal alloy, the answer is;In a non-ferrous metal as the substrate, by adding one or several other metal or nonmetal elements, composed of both has the matrix metal connectivity, but also has some of the specificity of the material, called non-ferrous metal alloys.
Non-ferrous metal alloy classification method are many, usually there are two;
A, according to the alloy system classification;
1 heavy non-ferrous metal alloy;Including copper alloys, such as copper, brass, copper, nickel alloy, zinc alloy, lead alloy and tin alloy.
2 light non-ferrous metal alloy;Including aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy, etc.
3 precious metal alloys;Including silver and platinum alloy, etc.
4 rare metal alloy;Including titanium, tungsten alloys, molybdenum, niobium alloy alloy and rhenium alloy.
Second, according to use classification;
1 deformation alloy used for pressure processing (alloy).
2 casting alloy.
Three bearing alloy.
4 printing alloy.
5 cemented carbide.
6 solder.
7 intermediate alloy.

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