How about the industrial pure titanium main properties and uses?
Industrial pure titanium and chemical pure titanium difference is: it contains more oxygen. Nitrogen, carbon and many other magazines elements (such as iron, silicon, etc.), it is essentially a kind of low alloy content of titanium alloy.Compared with chemical pure titanium, because contain more magazine elements make the strength greatly improved, its mechanical properties and chemical similar to stainless steel, but compared with titanium alloy, still had a lower strength).
Of industrial pure titanium features are: strength is not high, but the plastic is good, easy to machining, stamping, welding, cutting processing performance is good;Wet chlorine gas in the atmosphere, water, and oxidizing, neutral and weak reducing medium has good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance is better than that of most of the austenitic stainless steel but poor heat resistance, temperature is not too high.(1) mainly used as the working temperature of 360 degrees, the force is not big but demanding plastic parts, stamping parts and corrosion resistant structure for example: the skeleton and skin of the aircraft, engine accessories, ship with seawater corrosion of pipelines, valves, pumps.Desalination system components, chemical heat exchanger. The pump body, distillation tower, cooler, mixer, tee, impeller, solid pieces, ion pump, compressor air valve and diesel engine piston, connecting rod, leaf spring, etc.
(2) the TA1. TA2 in iron content is 0.095%, oxygen content is 0.08%, hydrogen content was 0.0009%, the nitrogen content is 0.0062%, has the very good toughness at low temperature and high temperature strength, can be used as a - structural materials at low temperature below 259 ℃.
Pure titanium according to its different impurity content, divided into TA1. TA2 and TA3 three grades.This three kinds of industrial pure titanium interstitial impurity element is gradually increasing, so its mechanical strength and hardness also increases step by step, but plastic. Toughness reduced.
Commonly used in industry is pure titanium TA2, because of its moderate corrosion resistance and comprehensive mechanical properties.The corrosion and high strength requirement can use TA3.To require good formability can be adopted when the TA1.

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