What are the advantages of plating using insoluble anode Advantages?
What are the advantages of plating using insoluble anode
Of the anode geometry size remains the same, so that the current and metal distribution can be optimized and maintain;
Insoluble anode don't need to have coating, not meet high barrier property anodic film (plating efficiency loss) or decomposition products gathered and related problems, these problems will affect the anode and the performance of the plating solution.This will improve the consistency of performance and increase the service life of plating solution;
Anode to maintain a minimum.Don't have to stop production line to cleaning and supplement the anode, and change the anode bag to anode coating (productivity, artificial cost reduction);
Insoluble anode can prevent a potential problem, namely the metal particles and soluble anode, bring risks to plating substrate, which can lead to nonconforming product.

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