How is the Titanium industry developed?
1791 British minister w. Gregor (Gregor) in black magnetite discovered a new kind of metal elements.In 1795, German chemist M.H. carat Mr. Preuss (Klaproth) in the study of rutile also discovered the elements, and named after the Greek god Titans back.In 1910, American scientists bioarchaeology Hunter (Hunter) for the first time used sodium reduction TiCI: making the pure titanium.1940 Luxembourg scientists W.J. Chloe (kroll) using magnesium reduction TiCl: with pure titanium.From then on, magnesium reduction method (also called kroll method) and sodium reduction method (also known as the hunter method) become industrial method of producing titanium sponge.The United States in 1948 to design the grading form by using magnesium reduction 2 t titanium sponge, reached the scale of industrial production.Then, Britain, Japan, the former Soviet union and China have entered industrialized production, the main production titanium power for the former Soviet union, Japan and the United States.
Titanium is a kind of new metal, because it has a series of excellent properties, are widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, electric power, desalination, vessels and utensils, and other industrial production in daily life, it is known as modern metal.Titanium production since 1948 have a half a century of history, it is developed with aviation and aerospace industry and emerging industries.Its development experienced several ups and downs, it is because the titanium aircraft industry related.But overall, titanium development speed is quick, it more than any other development velocity of non-ferrous metal.It can be seen from the development of sponge titanium industry all over the world: titanium sponge production scale for 60 kt/a in the '60 s, 70 s to 1 lokt/a, in the 80 s to 130 kt/a, in 1992 already amounted to 140 kt/a.Actual output reached an all-time high in 1990, to 105 kt/a.
After entering the 90 s, because of the reduce amount of military titanium and some countries such as Russia selling stock titanium sponge, weak market a few years ago.Titanium market started to rebound in 1995, mainly because the civilian aircraft such as B777 and titanium golf clubs such as civil quantity to increase, in 1996, the demand of titanium reached a new high.Experts forecast the demand of titanium in the next few years will continue to significantly increase.The main reason of obstruction of titanium application is expensive.Titanium can be expected, with the progress of science and technology and the constant improvement of production technology, expanding enterprise's production capacity and improve the management level, to further reduce the cost of titanium products, titanium will develop a broader market.

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