What's the new technology of processing Titanium Nickel wire?
The new technology of processing Titanium Nickel wire:
Tohoku university institute of materials research success a nickel titanium shape memory silk material of new technology, called bag - clastic extrusion method.
The processing method of process mainly includes the following basic steps:
A, through the preparation of different metal cladding rolling multilayer composite sheet, all kinds of metal layer thickness ratio depends on the chemical composition of the identified.
Second, cut the rolled into the composite sheet into crumbs, then made blank clastic loading into the container.
Three, will become thin billet extrusion rods, and then processed into filaments.
Fourth, through thermal diffusion treatment, turn filaments ChengXiang to get intermetallic compound nickel titanium wire.
In this process, can improve the workability of composite materials, can be obtained at high reducing rate with good microstructure of filaments.

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