What's the nature of ilmenite ore dressing process?
Nature of ilmenite ore dressing process
Titanium is a kind of important and has extensive USES the important structure of the metal, titanium alloy titanium alloy has high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance and is widely used in various fields..Many countries in the world is to know the importance of the titanium alloy material, so far the development of high temperature corrosion of titanium alloy and high strength titanium alloy, titanium alloy titanium alloy structure in the production of aircraft engine compressor components, the rockets and missiles and high-speed plane structure and other important fields will be a large role.The biggest drawback is difficult to extract titanium.So, in ore crushing stage to consider well prepared as possible for the extraction of subsequent process.Red star machine to do the thorough research.Ilmenite is iron and titanium oxide mineral, is the main refining titanium ore.Ilmenite is very heavy, gray to black, with a little metallic luster.Generally for plate, crystal collection for or lump together.Ingredients for FeTiO3.Contain TiO252.66 %, is a major mineral extraction of titanium and titanium dioxide.China sichuan panzhihua iron ore, ilmenite distribution between the magnetite particles or parting, and forming large deposit.The chemical composition of ilmenite related to forming conditions.From ultrabasic rock, rock of ilmenite, the content of MgO style is higher, the basic excluding Nb, Ta,In the alkaline rock ilmenite, MnO content is higher, and containing Nb, Ta,Of acid rock originated in ilmenite, FeO, MnO content high, Nb and Ta content is relatively high.Ilmenite ore dressing equipment are: inclined plate enrichment grading box (in sizing), wear-resisting spiral chute (abandoned tailings), weak magnetic separator (in addition to the strong magnetic minerals), magnetic separation machine (choose ilmenite), flotation machine (sulfide, fine ilmenite in floating), the electric machine (selected ilmenite), etc.The beneficiation process basically has: "gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation" and "gravity separation, magnetic separation, electric separation (choose don't desulphuration)" two kinds, beneficiation process to strictly according to the points graded, take different processes.The progress of human material civilization, is often built on the discovery of new materials and application, the red star machine based on the mining enterprise, strive to realize material cause of the motherland.

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